Exhibit Review

              National Sporting Museum is located in Middleburg, Virginia had the Exhibit I chose was the Virtual Main Exhibit. In 2008, Mrs. Rogan generously donated a vast majority of these paintings. Which didn’t open till 2011. Although there were quite a few that were donated anonymously. The Main Exhibit is compromised of the different outdoor sports. As well as the art of the animals involved with them. The Exhibit contains items that are in art forms of different animals mostly dogs and/or horses. However, there are quite some expetions. The art exhibit comes in different paintings and sculptures the paintings might be done on a regular canvas style, they do come in all shapes and sizes. The sculptures except for the fox were in the form of horses. The animals would be pulling a carriage. Some were standing still while at the end of the “hall” is a giant horse head. If you want in person the least technology savvy museum, this is it. There is no audio recording, interactives, or anything in person. Online you can click on arrow to lead you into the next room and click on information about the painting. Also, you can click on the different rooms to transport you to a different area. However, that is as good as it gets. The Historical interpretation of this museum is to show the history of sports, through paintings and sculpture. It’s to learn about the culture of the field and Equestrian world. Its goal is to tell the story of the different sporting throughout the globe. The Audience that this museum has a goal is towards people and educators to learn more about these different sports. I would say that young kids and children would find this museum a bit boring and dull. People who have an appreciation for 1800’s to late 1900’s art would enjoy as well. I can also see how if someone who enjoys animals in art might stop to admire this museum’s exhibit. I would think one of the hardest things for this museum is the building itself. The museum building was built in the 18000’s so the building definitely affects the space available for expansion and the technology it requires. Speaking of technology, the museum should maybe do an online update so that the information of the art could be read to someone who might be visually impaired. What might also be another difficulty is that although the museum is in a good city wise for the sporting museum. Not a lor of people, know or are interested about it. Middleburg Virginia is not very populated, although very historic you wouldn’t find much else there unless you are into sports. I would also say because it is such a small museum I would find that funding for the museum might be a bit difficult as well as. I would say if you were interested in sports as well as art in the 1800’s-1900’s, this would be a great museum for you. If you are not into technology, I think this would be a good museum at. This Exhibit is definitely a small, exhibit, packed with lots of paintings and sculptures. There is always more room for improvement whether on the technological or building scale. However, I find it quite cute how it looks historical, to go well with the art.

Link to Exhibit: https://www.nationalsporting.org/index.php/nslm/exhibition_details_virtual/332