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This is the omeka link dedicated to the Exhibit of mythical Equines

Timeline for Dragons

This is the Timeline for the Dragons

Text Analysis

The Text analysis I used is very limited to words. That is because some of the words were alternative repeats and still are. For example, slaves and slavery, or Men and Mister. That was the reason I limited the words down to twenty-five. For stop words a common word was “a”. That word was mentioned over 37000 times in the different articles. Another common stop word was the which was used over 141000 different times. The most helpful tool that was used for me was the cirrus tool. That was because if I chose a certain word, I could hover about it and it could be able to tell me how many times that word was mentioned. Another tool I liked was the Documents Tool. That was because it was able to give me a rough estimate as to how many sentences per paper, how many words total and more, were used. I enjoy the fact that it focuses more on the documents as a whole compared to the individual. The Final tool I chose to like was the Trend tool. That was because of the fact that I am more of a visual learner as a result. I find it easier to understand the most common words used. By displaying a graph as a result. I think the hardest thing for me was to originally get the graph going. Since at the time we were all on the website the data was hard to load. I think one of the pitfall for this tool was that, if your colorblind it could be hard to understand some of the words as well as different graphs and charts. Also finding different tools can be a bit complicated due to the fact that some were very hidden, at least to me. I think this tool simplifies the methods of finding information in different written sources. I personally think it could be easier, to find a word in many complex documents. I do think there are limitations to it though. Mainly do to the fact that if you want to find something from a particular source that is at the bottom of the page. It could be difficult to get to, as a result.

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