Exhibit Review

This part of the Exhibit is about the Mythical Equines. I first decided on a few mythological equines to work with. I picked what I considered the most popular and worked from there. Once I figured out what mythical equines to use, I worked from there. I first added data about the images and information to the equines I chose. Although some of the horses were new to me not all of them were new at all. I will admit though Hippalectryons are new to me and since they were so similar to hippogriffs, I ended up adding them together since the hippogriff informational page was too short. I decided not to add any timelines or maps for this exhibit due to the fact that the timelines of all of these beings are a bit hazy. As well as for the maps, would have been too difficult. For finding the information the most difficult creature to find these information facts was the hippo griff which was also why I added another creature to it. Since there was not much information on it, I felt like adding the Hippalectryons could help with expanding that particular page. On too if that I felt that these two creatures still didn’t have to much information on them however there was not mu ch I can do about that. Despite my attempts to find the information on these creatures it wasn’t much compared to the unicorn, Pegasus and other equines information. The hippocampus was another creature I had difficulty finding information about but not in the way you think. Since every time it typed in the word, the brain would pop up instead of the fish horse. At first, I thought it was a bit difficult, because I kept on wanting the mythological creature. However, once I realized why this part of the brain was called that my gears switched instead. I decided to include it since I felt the hippocampus informational pages were a bit low. On top of that since it was related to creatures, I decided to include it as well. Finding the images on that one was a bit difficult. Since again the brain kept popping up. Greek mythology worked a bit but still I wasn’t sure if that was enough. The most common creature was the unicorn. That had a ton of information on it being a popular mythical animal. I still had had some difficulty organizing the sources however, there is only so much information I can retain.

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